COVID 19 Procedure




Here at UME, we are ensuring that every event you are attending will be safe and of course enjoyable. We have set out some procedures below. 

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is highly contagious. People with certain health issues and lifestyle factors are more prone to suffer more severe symptoms, although it would appear that almost anyone can contract it and pass it on whilst remaining asymptomatic, more so in enclosed spaces. and especially on public transport services. We ask that if you can either drive or walk from your destination if applicable. The exception is for models only.


For anyone else, the decision rests with the person in question, but any person with conditions within the "at risk" group should notify me of those conditions in advance..


Masks are not mandatory on all our event but welcome to wear one.

On our events there is a box of masks, you are welcome to take one.

Lateral flows are advised to be taken before attending our events to keep everyone safe.




Before entering the venue, you will notice we will have the door open, it will be open at all time's to ensure no door handling is happening and that fresh air is passing through the venue. If however for any reason the door cannot be open, we will have windows open on every room.

There will be hand gel which must be used by each person entering the building. When washing your hands whilst at the venue or other location please be thorough.


The 1-metre mark is the closest point the photographer may approach for close-up images to the model's, if you are wanting take detailed photographs. However, where possible the photographer should be prepared to use a longer lens.

Photographer's must bring their own drink bottles.

Photographer's must be 1 metre from each other photographer in your group.



Models will not be permitted to view photos on the back of the camera during or at the end of the shoot, something they would, in normal times, be able to do except for a brief view from at least, and preferably more than, one metre. 

Please resist the temptation to touch door handles, surfaces, accessories and the venue's own equipment and clothes. Please let me know if you do so.




For shooting full length images a lens of focal length of between 30mm and 60mm will be required dependent on whether the photographer is using crop frame or full frame. For shooting head and shoulders a lens of focal length of between 120mm and 180mm will be required. These focal lengths will increase for medium format cameras.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

From UME!