Health & Safety




UK Model Events provides photographic group events across the UK giving a percentage to the charity "Homeless House from each and every event.

UME takes full responsibility for the management of this policy with regard to work in the venue's we hire and on location. Visiting professionals attending are encouraged to have in place their own health and safety policy.


Part 1: Statement of intent


This is the health and safety policy statement of:


UK Model Events


This health and safety policy is designed to:


· Prevent accidents and injuries in the venue's we hire and on location photo shoots;

· Manage health and safety risks in the venue's and on location;

· Provide clear instructions and information to ensure those working at the location.

· Provide such equipment and facilities necessary to comply with legal requirements;

· Provide and maintain a safe environment and equipment;

· Implement emergency procedures such as evacuation;

· Review and revise this policy as required periodically.


Part 2: Responsibilities for health and safety


1 Overall and final responsibility for health and safety:


UK Model Events


2 Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice:

UK Model Events

3 To ensure health and safety standards are maintained/improved, the following people have responsibility in the following areas:


UK Model Events


4 All users of the location, and all sub-contractors working with UME on location, should:


· cooperate with the UME, or any person who, for the time being, is acting on their behalf, on health and safety matters;

· take reasonable care of their own health and safety; and

· report all health and safety concerns to UME.


Part 3: Arrangements for health and safety Risk assessment


Risk assessment


UME will complete all risk assessments and take necessary action;

UME will review risk assessments as working habits and procedures change.




UME will consult with sub-contractors in the United Kingdom as and when the need arises.




UME will always do a demonstration before the event starts of any fire/evacuation procedures.