These Terms and Conditions are for Clients (Photographers) they supersede any previous agreements, arrangements, documents or other undertakings either written or oral.  


1.1 All images taken whilst attending an event organised by UME are only to be used for personal portfolio, self promotion on social media and portfolio hosting sites. Commercial use of images taken whilst attending an event organised by UME is strictly forbidden.

1.2  Should the client wish to use images obtained whilst attending and UME event for commercial purposes, this needs to be brought to the attention of UME and the model(s) prior to attending the event. Please note that additional costs will be incurred depending on what usage is required.

1.3 CANCELLATIONS, Photographers booking on events that have been cancelled or rescheduled will be refunded if the photographer cannot make the new date unless you have paid for a ticket that has the word 'deposit" in.

1.4 PHOTOGRAPHER CANCELLING will only be refunded with over 21 days notice, if we can fill your space within 21 days you will be fully refunded.

1.5 UNDER 18's will not be able to book on our UME events as a photographer unless it is a Fashion only event. Any person(s) bringing someone under the age of 18 to a UME event that is not a Fashion only event on the day will be asked to leave and will forfeit payment for said event. 

1.6 UME have PLI and will carry out any necessary steps or demos before the start of the event to ensure everyone's safety.

1.7 UME is not responsible if the model fails to attend an event on the day.

1.8 Dissatisfaction. Any cause for dissatisfaction must be reported to UME during the course of the event.

2.0 Bookings.

(a) UME's standard practice is to accept bookings as a contract over the telephone and by website bookings. UME will confirm this booking by email. 

(b) Copyright remains the property of UME until all images, reproductions, and adaptations, part or complete are paid for in full for either commercial or resale usage.

(c) Any ticket that is titled 'deposit' is non refundable.

3.0 Assignment Contract details

(a) UME will invoice the client on the models’ behalf if using for resale or commercial purposes.

(b) UME reserves the right to negotiate any post assignment disputes by any party on behalf of the individual model and client. Any post assignment resolutions negotiated by UME will be judged by UME as to be fair and reasonable to all interested parties. The UME decision is final

4.0 Reproduction rights.

4.1 Permission. The model/associate is solely responsible for obtaining all the necessary copyright permits to reproduce their images in association with UME. UME cannot be held responsible whatsoever for any copyright infringements however caused or associated. All images and details reproduced are taken in good faith from the models/associates by UME..


5.1 In the event that the UME has to pursue legal advice or debt collection agencies, UME reserves the right to charge for all costs incurred, including third party cost.

UME acts solely for and on behalf of our models who are self-employed persons. 


6.1 The Photographer shall, at all times, act in a professional and courteous manner to all models. Any person's who do not follow this will be asked to leave and forfeit payment.

6.2 The Photographer shall comply with all rules and regulations relating to health and safety, fire prevention or general administration which may be in place at the premises of a studio or venue where an Event is being conducted. 

6.3 The photographer shall take it in turns to photograph each model within your group. We do not tolerate paparazzi style.