Do you want to learn how to be an influencer? Don't know where to start? Are you struggling with instagram? Join one of our workshops!

We will go through every step of what it takes to be a social media influencer, how to build your brand, what to avoid on social media and finally the workshops will finish with a photoshoot where we will teach you the basic poses to make your social media pop! 

What happens on a workshop?

You will be with other influencers who want to learn just like you, we will go through points, tips and the dangers, you'll get to shoot with a professional photographer in studio or on location and you'll also get to shoot with a brand so you can start influencing your followers from the get go.

Do I have to have followers?

No, this is what we teach you how to do and get them organically, not using apps or fake websites.

don't look like the other influencers, why would people want to follow me?

This is what people love! Everyone is unique, and you in yourself are a brand so you have to market yourself to the right audiences.

What should I wear to a workshop?

Have you seen something trending on instagram lately? Grab that outfit and you will end up with your first post thats already trending!

If stuck for ideas we always say vest top, ripped jeans or dungarees!

How much is the workshop?

We charge £99 per person which needs to be paid when booking the workshop.

How do I book on to the workshop?

We run these events all over the UK, we will advertise workshops on our website and instagram page!